Jane Lynch, Lea Michele

Craig Barritt/Filmmagic

At the Spirit Awards Saturday, stars flocked to the Elle Green Room backstage and, lucky for us, that's right where we got to chat up the amazing Jane Lynch.

As you Gleeks know, there's going to be original music featured on Glee and Jane says one of her cast members steals the show.

Anybody surprised it's Lea Michele?

We love when we can talk about the babe and her talent instead of possible diva shenanigans!

"I'm not a part of the original music, but I saw both songs performed, it's the Regional's episode," dished Lynch, always perky (in a pantsuit). "The songs are amazing, they really are fantastic."

Still, Jane says that it's Ms. Michele who blew her away the most.

"Lea sings them like nobody's business," continued Jane. "The whole group does a great job, but Lea, of course, is singing lead and she's amazing."

Oh, come on, she's not always that totally fabulous, is she?

"She's a sweetheart," Jane replied emphatically, when we asked about those pesky diva rumors. "She's just the best."

Hmm. You know what, we might even choose to believe the bitchin' babe who plays Sue.

The Golden Globe and Emmy winner 'fessed she's really looking forward to some down time in the coming months.

"When we go on break I'm actually going to have a break."

We also asked how much longer Sue Sylvester will be sticking around (these kids are about to hit college, after all).

Said Lynch:

"I'm just gonna go with it! Every week I love seeing what I get, Ryan Murphy has taken me all over the place, in terms of what I get to do, and the relationships I get to have."

Love Glee, but if Jane goes, we go. She makes the friggin' show! Well, her and Lea. You know we give credit when credit is due!

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