Watch Now: Lady Gaga Delivers the World in "Born This Way" Video!

Pop superstar shares her epic origin story as she world-premieres latest music video

By Gina Serpe Feb 28, 2011 5:40 PMTags

The manifesto of Mother Monster is here.

Which is good news for anyone who likes their music videos epic, oh-so-slightly self-important and equal parts Star Trek, Bible-style creationism and superhero origin story.

Or maybe that red carpet egg ticked you off so much that you just wanna see how much more Lady Gaga can rip off pay homage to Madonna?  Well, there's good news for you guys, too.

And because Lady Gaga is nothing if not a consummate hostess, she's even catered to that niche group of people who are only tuning into the "Born This Way" video to see what she looks like as a skeleton dressed in a tuxedo blowing bubble gum.

So whichever group you fall into, consider this your lucky day.