A lot has happened for Sandra Bullock in the last year, so it would make sense that she's feeling a totally different vibe at tonight's Oscars:

"Especially now that I've had a full night's sleep," the presenter gushed to E!'s Ryan Seacrest. "When I was presenting last time I'd only had like two hours and I don't remember anything. I remember none of it."

While the memory may be fuzzy for Sandy, we remember the leading lady taking home a Best Actress win for The Blind Side last time around. So what did this awards show vet have to say to all the newbies out there?

"I think many of them have been through it before and they've learned how to enjoy it and not take it so seriously," Bullock explained.

"But I see a couple who have that look on their face you just want to go 'Relax, doesn't matter, you've made great friends along the way. Just remember it.'"

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