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Perhaps it's time to put down the pot.

Just months after pleading guilty to misdemeanor marijuana possession, New Orleans rapper Juvenile was arrested and charged with simple possession of marijuana and driving on a suspended license Saturday night.

Does this dude ever learn?

According to police in Sterlington, La., the rapper was pulled over for speeding when officers reportedly smelled some herb wafting from the rapper's vehicle.

Asked about the peculiar scent, Juvenile (aka Terius Gray) handed over a small bag of pot.

He was hauled in, booked and then allowed to leave after posting $750 bail. He's due back in court on, get this, April Fool's Day.

Run-ins with the law are nothing new for the "Back That Thang Up" rapper. Juvenile has been arrested at least five times, including his last arrest in August when he received a three-month suspended jail sentence, six months' probation and a $250 fine for marijuana possession.

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