Oops! Jon Cryer Might Not Be So Sad After All!

Actor's rep tells E! News that Twitter account is fake and that we were snookered

By Bruna Nessif Feb 26, 2011 8:11 PMTags
Jon CryerMathew Imaging/Getty Images

Yes, that's egg on our face. After reporting earlier today that Jon Cryer tweeted his sadness about the cancellation of Two and a Half Men, the actor's rep contacted E! News to tell us that what we thought was his official Twitter account is actually "bogus"!

Turns out Cryer has neither a Twitter nor a Facebook account, per his rep, so that "no comment" we got yesterday pertaining to Charlie Sheen's ranting and the season's abrupt end still stands.

Our bad. But if we had to guess, we're pretty sure the faux Cryer's sentiments are similar to the real one's.