Meltdown Tour 2011 Continues: Charlie Sheen Calls Two and a Half Men "Pukefest," Producers "Nazis"

In latest radio rant, actor essentially severs ties with sitcom, says he has no intention on going back for another season "in current state"

By Josh Grossberg Feb 25, 2011 10:49 PMTags
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Who needs Two and a Half Men when we got Charlie Sheen in real life?

Apparently not content to let sleeping dogs lie, the TV star otherwise known as Carlos Estevez phoned in today to Fox Sports Radio's Loose Cannons with pal Pat O'Brien and once again went off on Two and a Half Men, calling the show a "pukefest" and producers Chuck Lorre and Lee Aronsohn "Nazis."

The outburst came a day after Sheen caught flak from Jewish groups for a "borderline" anti-Semitic comment when he referred to Lorre by the Hebrew version of his name, Chaim Levine.


Asked by O'Brien, himself no stranger to substance abuse and rehab, about what happened with CBS and Warner Bros. TV shutting down production on Men, the 45-year-old actor didn't hold back.

"They kept getting up in my grill, telling me how to live my personal life. These guys are a couple of AA Nazis, blatant hypocrites," said Sheen, who again insisted that he is clean. "They don't practice what they preach."

The actor had plenty more venom for Lorre, after calling him a "turd" and challenging him to a cage match on another radio show yesterday and then this morning labeling him a "clown and loser" in a series of texts to Good Morning America.

"I watched him whaling on people...for two decades," added Sheen.

"It's just gross, man. It's been a toxic environment for eight years, and I felt like an unwelcome relative given cold coffee at eight o'clock at night. And I just got tired of it," he said.

When O'Brien asked him if Two and a Half Men was done and whether he could move on to other things, a clearly agitated Sheen retorted: "Yeah, it's called life and fatherhood and fun."

Speaking of fun, Charlie was phoning it in from the "goddamned Bahamas," where he said he was holed up with his "goddesses"—that would be marijunana magazine cover girl Natalie Kenly and porn star Bree Olson, whom he referred to by her real name, Rachel Oberlin. (Originally it was a quartet but Charlie sent ex-wife Brooke Mueller back to Los Angeles after a blowup yesterday.)

Asked if he had a message for Two and a Half Men's crew, some of whom blame him for costing them their jobs, Sheen replied:

"Be patient, get focused," he said. "We are at war, and there are ways to deal with these clowns and take all their money."

"Defeat is not an option. "[Lorre, CBS, et al.] know what they did wrong," Sheen insisted. "They just picked the fight with the wrong guy.

"They know what they did is wrong. I expressed an opnion. I have the First Amendment behind me. I have an army marching behind me, to quote Eminem."

And despite HBO denying the network has engaged in any talks whatsoever with Sheen about headlining his own show called Charlie's Corner, he continued to insist the possibility was in play, saying there have been "some talks" and it will be a far cry from Two and a Half Men.

"Something beyond this drivel, this pukefest that everyone worships," he said, referring to his show. "I'm like, 'Wow, that was another bad joke.' "

He also had a something to tell his fans about his battle with his network bosses. "Find the most comfortable chair in their frickin' a beer and watch the show because it's about to get gnarly."

We'd say it already has.