Alex Pettyfer, Dianna Agron

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for DreamWorks

Dear Ted:
If you ask me, the Alex Pettyfer-Dianna Agron split had some suspicious timing. The two were together while promoting I Am Number Four, and then broke up a few days after its release. Alex is now conveniently single to promote his next movie, Beastly, with the also single Vanessa Hudgens. Am I on to something here?

Dear Det. PR:
While I would usually agree with you on all fronts (actors will do anything to sell a movie), I actually think these two were for real. Do I think they wanted to split before the I Am release date? Yes. That's why I think they got engagement rumors started. Still, from what we're hearing about Alex, that hottie has issues. Let's just say I think he's single because of that, not convenience!

Dear Ted:
Help me out here. Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter have been seen out together in N.Y. several times over the last few weeks. Are they on again? I can't get over the feeling that he is gay...

Dear Round 2:
I wouldn't be surprised if they got back together. They've been through the big C, after all. That crap bonds people for life.

Dear Ted:
Can you please clarify something for the readers? Based on the revelation that Jennifer Aniston has been a supporting character in a couple of Blinds, can you please tell us, did she or did she not have two separate Blind Vice names for each of the two roles? Or do the rules of starring role B.V.s (i.e., one moniker per person, not per Blind) not apply to supportive roles? This is creating an uproar among your most loyal fans!

Dear OCD:
Jennifer Aniston has never had more than one name, supporting or otherwise, in the Blind Vice annals, does that help?

Dear Ted:
Think you'll like this Robert Pattinson story about adopting a dog. Sounds like he's planning to spend a lot of time in the U.S. in future, since he can't take it back to the U.K. without going thru the lengthy quarantine.

Dear Mini Ted:
I did see that, Pam! While I'm not entirely sure of the sourcing, I would so want this to be true. You know adopting a dog in need is close to my heart. Who knew I could love R.Pattz more? I think it may have happened!

 Dear Ted:
In the comments section, does anyone guess the Blinds correctly? Also any dish on Vampire Diaries?

 Dear Smart Readers:
Yes. And working on Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder scoop. They were for sure just friends a while back, but hearing rumblings it's changed. Stay tuned.

Dear Ted:
Is King Schlong Justin Timberlake? I think I got this one right.

Dear Great Guess:
Sorry, J.T. was a Blind before King Schlong hit our blolum. And he's not as experienced a leading man as the still-cute King.

Dear Ted:
Ted, my love, you are awesome, but really, who the hell cares about LeAnn Rimes?

 Dear Pick Your Poison:
You'd be surprised how many people love to hate on her and Eddie Cibrian. Think their behavior hit too close to home for a lot of people in America.

Dear Ted:
It was so nice to see pictures of Alexander Skarsgård smiling and laughing at the Tom Ford store opening. It seems the only times we see him smiling in pictures are when Kate Bosworth is not with him, or when he's not being asked about her. Any dish on their current status?

Dear Wide Open:
Sorry, doll, but you've hardly seen the last of Skarsworth. And yes, it's nice to see him smile more. Does seem to happen more when Kate's not in the pic...

Dear Ted:
I'm psyched for the Oscars—primarily because of your Blind Vices related to nominees! So I think I have Dick Wadd figured out (maybe). Has his work also appeared on Broadway in the past? And is he better known for his work behind the camera than onscreen?

Dear Snoop:
I'd say he's known for his work in front and behind the camera. And yes, he's done the Broadway thing.

Dear Ted:
With all the buzz and ads for the Oscars, it made me think: Anne Hathaway and James Franco, possible couple? I see it working!

Dear Nice Try:
Not likely. At all.

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