Two and a Half Men Crew Rips Charlie Sheen: "That Turd Can Pay My Mortgage"

Two and a Half Men crew and friends to Chuck Lorre react to Charlie Sheen meltdown

By Ted Casablanca Feb 25, 2011 7:30 PMTags
Charlie SheenAP Photo

Holy guano, Batman! After CBS shut down the mega-hit that is Two and a Half Men, after Sheen called his boss, Chuck Lorre, a "turd" and a "clown" and threw in some "borderline" anti-Semitism, friends to Lorre and workers on the set have plenty to say.

But who's got the bigger beef here? TV genius Lorre, who created the show, or the working men and women who are now out of a paycheck?

We vote those who are trying to pay their bills—and who have had difficulty paying them in the past, due to Sheen's previous unsuccessful attempts with "rehab":

"[Charlie's] the screw-up here," bitched one key Two crew member, who's fed up with being on-and-off with his job's status.

"[Charlie] is such an ass-wipe, I hope some hooker, or some porn star gives him something that f--ks with him as much as he's f--ked with us."

This crew is definitely not holding back.

"Is Charlie going to pay my lost salary now?" complained another integral Two staffer, "That 'turd' can pay my mortgage, and he should, it's not right."

True enough, Sheen has made attempts to somewhat compensate his worker-bees' shriveled paychecks in the past. But let's just say the 45-year-old star's bill for doing so just got a whole lot heftier, if he chooses to do so in the future.

Which we think he certainly should. And the crew does, too.

As to what Lorre's friends think of Sheen's stunning continued diatribes against Chuck and the hit comedy, let's just say shocked doesn't exactly cover it.

"I have never seen anything like this," said a Lorre coworker, who refused to see anything more. Another colleague wasn't quite as tight-lipped:

"Yeah, Chuck can sometimes be outspoken," the Lorre source explained, possibly referring to Lorre's highly entertaining, and deeply personal vanity cards. "And sometimes he can be a schmuck at work, sometimes. But he does not deserve this at all. Nobody does. Charlie Sheen is a truly horrible man."

Can't say we'd add much more to that description!