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In case you haven't noticed, Lily Rhodes Van Der Woodsen Bass Humphrey is on a tear this season on Gossip Girl. She falsely accused one guy of statutory rape and doesn't seem the least bothered about it, she's selling off Chuck's beloved Bass Industries, and she's generally being...difficult. Could her drama be undermining her relationship with mellow husband Rufus Humphrey? We just talked to star Matthew Settle about what's to come, and here's what he shared about the Humphrey family struggles:

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"I was suggesting a storyline [to the writers] about three months ago—two months ago—I'm starting to see a different storyline [than the one I suggested], but a Rufus storyline emerged, so I have to think the nudging has an effect," Settle tells us.

What is that storyline you might ask? According to Settle, "There's the potential for a reentry into the music that's an exciting line coming up."

So that's the good news, but what about the bad news, which is that Lily is particularly diabolical this season? What does that mean for Rufus?

Says Settle, "Absolutely, he's let down by her.  But then he's also understanding about why she did it. One of the interesting things about Rufus is, now that he's living on the Upper East Side, he's starting to understand firsthand that being political is an investment in—what the choice about who you're going to support [means] When you don't have all the information you'll make decisions that may not be moral choices, good moral choices, based on the well-being of your family. That's what Lily's motives have always been, to protect her family. The trick is, as parents, do we protect our family in the right way? And I guess it's hard to have a Supreme Court in your head to help keep [all the decisions] straight. Definitely some of her machinations are catching up with her this season, but at the same time Rufus has this undying love for Lily, and she's the one, they're soul mates. You stick by your woman."

Settle also tells us that the end of the season is going to be a doozy, as always, "In general it's going to be climactic, but for Rufus in particular. I think the fans will be excited if he can become passionate again. Something besides Lily, because he's always passionate about Lily."

And so are we! What do you think about Lily's behavior this season? What kind of drama do you want for Rufus? Hit the comments.

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