Emily Maynard, The Bachelor


I wonder what TV was like before the Internets? Well, I wouldn't be writing this casting speculation post, that's for darn sure. Today's speculation exercise has to do with the next Bachelorette. Our all-knowing Bachelor spoiler king Reality Steve has revealed who his sources say is on deck to take over Bachelorette duties.

Most people already figured it will be Emily Maynard, but what does Steve think? And get the rest of your TV news roundup, nicely packaged in one tidy, adorable blog post:

On his blog, Reality Steve told the world that while Emily Maynard was thisclose to being the new Bachelorette, the honor will go to Ashley Hebert! Reasons for Emily not working out could range from salary disputes to unhappiness with the show, but Steve usually knows what he's talking about. For their part, ABC says, "We never comment on any speculation or rumor." So there you have it folks, Ashley (though still alive on The Bachelor) could very well be on your TV again next season. 

Gordon Ramsay, Hell's Kitchen

Patrick Ecclesine/FOX

Hell's Kitchen: Two more seasons of the highest-rated cooking competition on television, coming right up.

Mike & Molly: What does Katherine Heigl have to do with Mike & Molly? No, she's not guest starring. (Way too busy starring in a rom-com where she plays a working girl running from love). But her hubby, Josh Kelley, is behind the theme song to the CBS TV show. Josh cowrote "I See Love" with Keb' Mo', who sings the show's theme. There's a fun fact of the day for you. Go impress your friends.

House: Have a look at the March 7 episode of House in our Spoiler Stills TV gallery; the ep finds the Princeton-Plainsboro gang starring in a number of Hollywood fantasy sequences. Think Westerns, big musicals and the like.

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