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Reality television is full of crazies and nutjobs. There are probably plenty of so-called reality stars who could use some serious psychotherapy.

So, we must say bravo to last night's booted Top Chef contestant for coming clean. Read on to find what he just told me about being a sore loser, his anger issues and why he finally decided to seek professional help...

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Dale Talde was told to pack his knives after failing to impress the judges with his seafood stew because not only was there too much mustard on his croutons, but his potatoes were undercooked.

What was it like watching last night's episode?
Not too bad. I knew it was coming. The thing is I'm a terrible loser. The worst loser ever. Like when I would lose in basketball I would take the ball and punt it across the street and walk off—and that was my church league.

Sounds like you have some anger issues.
Definitely. I've been able to manage some of it. I've been managing it pretty well by going to therapy for two and a half years.

I was surprised that you cried after losing.
I'm an emotional guy. Marley & Me? I cannot watch that movie ever again. Man, it's like snot dripping out of my nose and everything.

In your exit interview, you said you wanted to go tell everyone to go "f--k" themselves. Why?
They pose the question to you: Who do you want to win now? And it's like, "Me! S--t, put me back on the show. I want to win." I don't want anybody else to win except me. I'm a bad loser.

Who convinced you to go to therapy?
My girlfriend and myself. It was like, Dude, something's not right. Something is not right here. It's a blessing though. Not a lot of people get to see themselves on TV like that. So if you see things that aren't good with you, change it.

What did it feel like to see Paula Deen complain that your potatoes were undercooked?
I thought so, too [Laughs]. She was just telling the truth. There's no better way to get you bounced off than by Paula Deen. She does it so nicely.

And what about Mike stealing Richard's recipe? That was pretty douchey. Do you think Mike should have been kicked off the show for it?
No. You can't put a patent on food. But have some courtesy! But that's Mike. That's why we call him Jersey Mike. He's like that guy in the playground that will take your lunch from you, all the change in your pocket, eat your lunch in front of you and then throw it at you and tell you to go throw it away. He should go off and be on Jersey Shore. He can be their caterer.

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