Kim Basinger, Alec Baldwin

Jerzy Dabrowski/

Alec Baldwin has another bone to pick with Kim Basinger. For some reason.

E! News has confirmed that attorneys for the Emmy-nominated actor were in court Tuesday to request a custody hearing on their client's behalf.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Marjorie S. Steinberg set the date for Aug. 11. (View the minute order.)

Attorneys for both parents didn't immediately return calls for comment.

Baldwin and Basinger divorced in 2002 after nine years of marriage. Things have been pretty quiet lately in the actors' now years-long battle over daughter Ireland, who will be 13 in October.

The last major noise was made, literally, when Baldwin briefly lost his visitation privileges with his daughter over a year ago after a vitriolic voice mail that he left for his daughter was leaked to and subsequently became the topic du jour on talk shows and in the blogosphere.

The embarassment prompted a comment from Baldwin about wanting to leave 30 Rock to focus on his family, which, lucky for TV viewers and for the still-struggling sitcom, never amounted to anything.

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