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Dear Ted:
Does Lea Michele really deserve the attitude she gets from the rest of the Glee cast? Do any of them honestly like her, 'cause it sure seems like some do.

Dear Diva-off:
Of course! She's not hated. But this group of kids spends every friggin' second together. It's like any Hollywood "family."There's going to be the one who semi gets on their nerves sometimes, ‘tude wise. Just think of her like her character Rachel. That sums it up! But of course she has friends on set. She's hardly the problem child of the faux Glee family.

Dear Ted:
The Dianna Agron-Alex Pettyfer split made me wonder: Do celebs ever end up with an average Joe instead of always going back to the film business again for their relationships? You'd think they would learn from all the celeb breakups that it hardly ever works out, but I can't think of a couple that's not both in the Biz.

Dear Common Sense:
I understand the need to be with someone else in the business. With the crazy hours, press and hoopla it takes to be a celeb it's nice to have someone who understands. Howevs, that doesn't mean it needs to be another actor. There are tons of people who have significant others who are agents or producers. Reese Witherspoon finally got it right.

Dear Ted:
What garnered more buzz? Justin Bieber cutting his hair and donating it to charity or Jennifer Aniston cutting her long mane?

Dear Buzz Kill:
Sorry, Faye, I'm not 12. Rachel, I mean Jen, all the way!

Dear Ted:
I have an idea who Strippa Rip-Ya is. My question is this: Do you think she stays with the Arse because she's embarrassed by her past and what people would say if she left him?

Dear Beat Some Sense:
Definitely think that's a part of it. Also, when you are married to someone who is so verbally abusive, it takes its toll. She is probably starting to believe she can't do better, which is so, so not true.

Dear Ted:
Is Hailee Steinfeld just as sweet as she appears to be, or is she turning into a Hollywood child star brat? I've heard rumblings that she's completely snubbed her fans in the past and can be a bit demanding. I really hope she's super sweet, because I'm routing for her to snag the role of Katniss in The Hunger Games!
Emma S.

Dear Rumor Mill:
Oh come on, E, let's not bring Hailee down just yet. She's a total doll and a down-to-earth family girl! Let's just hope she stays that way.

Dear Ted:
Justin Timberlake
and Jessica Biel are obviously so over. Why don't they officially call it quits? I know you find her to be a bore, but aren't you interested in setting the record straight about these two? Thanks, Ted, and why don't you give up cigs for Lent?!

Dear Boring and More Boring:
Really, these two are together—they were just spotted at dinner in West Hollywood recently and not one shed a smile. I think they should break up, but we hear Biel just won't have it. Doubt it stops Justin from doing what he wants making movies, obviously.

Dear Ted:
My English bulldog and I have a question: Any chance Alyssa Milano is Cass Stimulatia?
—Forever Yours in Pennsylvania

Dear Off:
Sorry, doll, nothing but best wishes for preggers Alyssa. But rightish on the hair color.

Dear Ted:
Simple question: Is Fey Oiled-Tush Kevin Costner?

Dear To the Point:
Straight shooter, I like it. No.

Dear Ted:
What do you think about Lady Gaga? I loved her, but her newfound arrogance, conceit and ego are starting to be a turn off. She has a lot to be proud of, but have a little humility. Am I reading too much into this?

Dear Overexposed:
Yes and no. I think she's getting a little bit too much flak for Born This Way. Everything is a rip-off of another song. However, she needs to stop declaring herself as a voice of the generation. This is her second album; she still has a lot to prove. I would be happy if for her next big awards show appearance she came in a normal dress, normal hair and normal makeup. That would be the most shocking thing Gaga could do.

Dear Ted:
We know that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were on the rocks when Brad met Angelina Jolie. We know that Angie was the final nail in the coffin for B & J. But what led them to drift apart in the first place? Was it Brad's desire to have kids, or was it Jen's needy personality?
Say that's cool

Dear Past Drudger:
They were at different places in their life. Jen loved lounging naked by the pool, pouring a margarita and maybe light up some reefer. Brad was ready to be a family man around the same time Angelina was ready to change up her image. It just worked.

Dear Ted:
One more stab at who Fey Oiled-Tush is. I'm thinking it could be Matt Damon.
Julie in Texas

 Dear Nooo:
You are very, very far off! Think far less...butch.

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