Martin Sheen is speaking out about Charlie's problems, calling his son's struggles with addiction a "form of cancer" that the family is trying to lift him out of.

The elder Sheen was in the UK promoting his new film, The Way, when he spoke with Sky News about his family's attempt to help the Two and a Half Men star. He was joined by another one of his sons, Emilio Estevez, who directed the film and also weighed in on his brother.

The duo had this to say about the stay-at-home rehabber...

"If he had cancer, how would we treat him?" Sheen asked. "This disease of addiction is a form of cancer. You have to have an equal measure of concern and love and lift them up and so that's what we do for him."

The Apocalypse Now actor called his son "an extraordinary man" and said that after years of dealing media interest about his son's troubles he's become used to the questions. Estevez agreed, saying he's learned to cope.

"You get used to it," said Estevez. "You build up an immunity."

Sheen explained that as difficult as it gets, he's still trying to give his love to the rehab regular, who was hospitalized after a 36-hour drug binge in January.

"You realize we're not all on the same journey all the time," said Sheen. "We have to love that much more, we have to be that much more present."

The duo may get deeper into their feelings on Charlie in a new dual memoir they've written, called Along the Way. Told in their alternating voices, the story will be based around their pilgrimage together along the Camino de Santiago, Spain, where The Way is set .

In the meantime, Charlie is expected back on the Two and a Half Men set this week.

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