Justin Bieber, Jennifer Aniston, John Travolta

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Remember that time you went a little too far trimming your bangs at home? Or that unfortunate Supercuts incident?

Don't fret, you're not alone—it's hair today, gone tomorrow for these famous faces, too:

Justin Bieber The Samson of teen pop lost a little of his swoosh swagger over the weekend, perhaps by clipping his man mane shaggy bangs. But it's for charity! (Rumor has it, he's giving it to Ellen DeGeneres on her show Wednesday to auction off for Gentle Barn.) We can't begrudge the Biebs that, right?

Jennifer Aniston After bashing—then backpedaling on—the hairstyle that made her famous (aka The Rachel), the actress went and cropped her other most-requested look: long sun-kissed locks. Ms A. is now sportin' a crisp blond bob. Will this send stylistas into a tailspin, or simply start another trend?

John Travolta Johnny T was recently snapped sans hairpiece while on vacay with the fam. This one is actually the least shocking to us. C'mon J.T., you're 57 years old. It's OK to be balding—you don't need to pull a Sam Malone.

So pull out your brush for those Marcia Brady-inspired 100 strokes and sound off on these hairy situations!

WATCH: See more of Johnny T's rug-free spree!

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