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How can Justin Bieber get a Madame Tussaud's wax figure made of himself when he's still growing?
—Agri909, via the inbox

This isn't Lady Gaga we're talking about. It's not like Bieber wears meat one day and a giant egg the next. He pretty much walks around in the same stuff—pants, sneakers, his very healthy ego—everywhere he goes.

And, yes, while 16-year-old Justin Bieber is a morphing mogul, the people at Tussaud's know how to work around such challenges. In fact, they even told me their plan for Bieber's hair:

But first, the issue of Bieber's height, whatever it might be at the moment, versus, say, next month, or last month. Bieber is a teenager, which means there's a good chance he has not reached his final altitude. And Tussaud's takes four long months to create its three wax figures of a celebrity. Can teenagers grow in four months? Heck yes.

But even if Bieber shoots up eight feet before March, that does not vex the artistic descendants of the Madame.

"We're capturing a moment in time," explains Bret Pidgeon, general manager of Madame Tussaud's New York. "Capturing what he looks like right now."

In other words, so what if Bieber gets taller? He was shorter at the time he met with the Tussaud's people, and that's that.

As for Bieber's hair, that's a different story. At the time he was measured for his wax figure, he still had that signature swooshy head. But the tween Elvis has since lopped that off. So which style will crown the wax Bieber when it debuts next month?

"We're going to wait to see how the new haircut takes with the fans" before deciding on a final style, Pidgeon dishes. "It'll be part of the excitement for the final launch day."

And exactly which day in March must we clear on our calendars?

It's still being determined, Pidgeon tells me. But count on this: The flesh-and-blood Bieber will be there, at one of the three Tussaud's locations.

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