Matthew Morrison, Olivia Munn

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Dear Ted:
Matthew Morrison and Olivia Munn? How serious is this hookup and will it last?

Dear Glee Meets G4:
Scoop is that the two were spotted, and of course it was documented, at a New York Rangers hockey game Sunday night. The Glee star and Munn, who stars on NBC's Perfect Couples were holding hands and cuddling as they got über athletic cheering on the team. Hmmm, supposedly Olivia even got in a smooch. But watch out, babe, Matthew did an interview with Details just months ago saying he's an iffy kind of BF. All I'm saying is, they should both proceed with caution, especially him. 

Dear Ted:
Strippa Rip-Ya
's story is so sad. It's so heart breaking; I don't even consider it juicy gossip. Would you be able to give us more clues on Caesar Anchovy-Arse's identity? Is he in TV, films or music? Is his marriage with Strippa his first? I'm sure many of your readers would like to know his identity so we can stop supporting this abusive man's career.

Dear Worried:
He's done it all, although, he does have one primary professional focus. He has tied the knot once or twice maybe, but nothing this serious. Strippa's way too good for him, and you can see that from miles away. That's all I can spill for now, hon!

Dear Ted:
I think I know who King Schlong is. It's Mark Wahlberg, am I correct?

Dear Wrong:
Actually, it's a pretty good guess, but no. Damn, Schlong has got all your tongues tied. Told you he is irresistible.

Dear Ted:
I'm really infuriated with those rumors about Keira Knightely and Robsten. Seriously, people? I won't even comment. Well, I'd just like you to dish something about Pretty Little Liars' cast!

Dear All Over the Place:
Those rumors are obviously wicked wrong, and good to know you keep up with how precious that relaysh is. As for Pretty Little Liars, from what my people (who watch the show occasionally) say, the cast is about as boring and repetitive as the show is. Just some teens looking to make it big, I guess. Good luck to them though, because they are all super gorge!

Dear Ted:
This Valentine's Day was abuzz with the very public love letter/song Owl City front man Adam Young dedicated to Taylor Swift. Now, we all know T. Swift had a crush on him, but do you think she would go for him know? She really seems into more high-profile romances these days. Have you heard if she has responded to him yet?

Dear Smitten By a Song:
Surprise, surprise, T. Swift writes a song about someone she is crushing on. She has yet to respond to his affectionate V Day note publicly. Plus, she had been spotted with Maroon 5's Adam Levine pre-Anne Vyalitsyna, and of course, there are rumors of her crushin' on him too. Personally, I think Levine's studlier and more Tay's type for sure. Too bad he's taken by a bombshell. Oh, and Taylor only does high-profile, hence John Mayer, Taylor Lautner and Jake Gyllenhaal. No coincidence there.

Dear Ted:
What has that fame whore She-Devil Dees been up to recently? Has she managed to work her paparazzi-grabbing schtick into any other unsuspecting but horny celebs?

Dear Paparazzo Ho:
Yep, and she's nabbed plenty of work outside her main pro concentration, too. Girl really knows how to get around—in every capacity!

Dear Ted:
First time writer, long-time reader. My two adopted guinea piggies (Chloe and Gracie) would like to know if that hottie Mark Ruffalo is as squeaky-clean as he appears. We've been fans for years, and we're really excited to see him get an Oscar nod.

Dear Newbie:
Welcome to Bitch-Backs, doll! Ditto on the how exciting it is that Ruffalo got an Oscar nomination for The Kids Are All Right. And I'm still holding out that Annette Bening will take the golden man home for the win. Vice-wise, Mark is pretty clean for now. This latest accolade may change things for the worse, usually how this stuff works. Good news to you and your piggies, I'm sure!

Dear Ted:
I feel like Jennifer Aniston has something that she isn't telling. No one just wakes up in the middle of the night and decided to sell a house that they put so much into building. Plus, I really don't believe that she is single. Maybe she is with someone behind the scenes? How awesome would that be?

Dear Aniston Intervention:
Looks like Ms. Aniston is screaming that it's time for a change. Selling her house, cutting her infamous hair. Whatever the reason for this abrupt change, it's fab of her. And trust, we hope, hope, hope she is really with someone behind the scenes. Oh, and if she is, we're crossing our fingers he is doubly hotter than Brad Pitt. Just so it's a big ef you to those haters out there once she reveals her man.

Dear Ted:
Wondered if you knew anything about the cast that Kristen Stewart was sporting when caught at the airport last week. She always seems to have some sort of little accident during Twilight films. Hopefully, it's nothing serious. Also, with Water for Elephants (which I'm so excited to see because it's one of my favorite books!) right around the corner, do you think she'll make another supportive appearance at the premiere like she did for Remember Me?

Dear Concerned Krisbian:
Well, she did fly in with Rob, so I'm thinking she'll play the good GF and go, unless Kris is going to go all morbid on us. We'll see. And the chick has been known to be a bit clumsy on and off the set, so I'm just going to take a wild guess and say its only minor damage.

Dear Ted:
Does Daniel Radcliffe have a girlfriend? He said he's going to try and stay single while on Broadway. Just wondering.

Dear What About Radcliffe:
He was tied to Olivia Uniacke, who is the stepdaughter of Harry Potter producer David Heyman. But it seems like that relationship fizzled back in 2010. Daniel's on to Broadway. She's probably rummaging through the London party scene, per usual.

Dear Ted:
No Robsten in the Feb. 18 Truth Lies & Ted? I'm shocked and was left a little empty after watching. What's up with that?
—Lost in Idaho

Dear Go Find Yourself:
Oh pipe down, they'll be back soon! It's not my fault they are all secretive. Plus, I get enough criticism for loading the Bitch-Backs with Robsten. Love them, but not totally desperate about it. Which is a complete lie, so never mind.

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