Angelina Pivarnick, David Kovaks

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Jersey Shore castoff Angelina Pivarnick was accused of being "fake" on the hit MTV reality show. Now she's being accused of faking an entire engagement for publicity.

But now, Pivarnick is exclusively telling E! News that her relationship and the Fashion Week "surprise" that went down on the red carpet in front of tons of media are 100 percent authentic. "We are still together, still engaged and getting married, of course," Pivarnick insists. "This is one girl staring rumors, trying to trash my happiness who's in love with my fiancé."

Drama with a girl? Nothing new for Pivarnick. So what's her beef all about and why are the police now involved?

Pivarnick says it all started six months ago, when a producer named Lauren Lubrino pitched Pivarnick a new reality show, based around her life on Staten Island. At that time, according to the ex-Jersey Shore denizen, Lubrino introduced Pivarnick to David Kovacs, her newly betrothed, and they quickly became a couple.

"I was going to let this girl, who was 23, do a pilot with me. She was from Staten Island, and I was skeptical, but I went with it," Pivarnick tells us. "I tried it out with her. She shopped around my pilot then told me all the networks thought it was boring. How am I boring?"

After the show went nowhere and the two stopped working together, the feisty Pivarnick and Kovacs became serious, and that's what upset Lubrino, says Pivarnick.

"She's in love with him," Pivarnick claims. "She says I stole him from her, she says she was dating him but they were never dating. His mom tried to hook them up, but he was never attracted to her."

Pivarnick has filed a police report at a Staten Island NYPD precinct accusing Lubrino of "aggravated harassment" since December, including throwing rocks through a window at Kovacs' mother's house, keying Kovacs' car and making threatening phone calls. Pivarnick is also seeking a restraining order against Lubrino. (The NYPD confirms Pivarnick lodged such a complaint on Monday but no charges have yet been filed.)

"This is going to come to an end," Pivarnick says. "Me and him are getting married and it's strong and that's it."

When E! News reached Lubrino, she denied everything Pivarnick accused her of, telling us that after the pilot failed to sell, her relationship with the reality star went south.

"I didn't leak any information, I wish her and Dave the best of luck," Lubrino tells us. "I haven't spoken to them in months. It's completely false, she can't prove anything. She has a vendetta against me because the pilot didn't go through."

Lubrino says that when it comes to the alleged-rocking throwing at the Kovacs house or the keying of his car, she has "no idea where he or his mother even lives."

"I want nothing to with her. It's wrong of her to go after me," says Lubrino. "I seriously deny any allegations. We can sort this out in a court of law."

As for the hoax stories, Pivarnick finds them "hysterical" and has even begun planning the upcoming nuptials, telling us she may get married at another reality star's business, Real Housewife Caroline Manzo's family-owned banquet hall, The Brownstone, in New Jersey.

TV special, anyone?

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