Brad Womack, The Bachelor


We finally get to see the four remaining girls in their own habitats, and find out if bachelor Brad Womack fits in.

Let's recap what happened tonight on The Bachelor...

Brad started out in Chantal's hometown of Seattle, and after her recent emotional outbursts he seemed happy to see her in a lighter mood. Of course, that didn't last long. Before the waterworks began again, Chantal let us know that she lives four streets away from her parents, and told her possible future husband, "If they don't like you, you're out!" Pressure much? Then Brad had to complete the approval test with three other important figures in Chantal's life, that would surely make the move to Austin if they should get hitched: her pets. Lucky for him, Chantal's pup, Boca, enjoyed his company. That's one down. After throwing back a couple beers, the duo head to Chantal's parents massive house and made us wonder what her parents do and how we can do it too. In the end, Chantal's father gave Brad their blessing and we all got a little teary-eyed watching her heart-to-heart talk with Mom.

Then it was off to Madawaska, Maine with Ashley. This tiny town near Canada made you question whether they were still in America. Between the French-speaking locals and the honor system for buying groceries, anyone would get a little confused. But the trip was very educational, especially for Brad. First, he learned that you don't reply to a French question in Spanish nor do you eat poutine (french fries topped with cheese and gravy) with a fork! Finally, after a mini PDA photoshoot, they headed off to meet Ashley's family who could pretty much be described as a minor league cheerleading squad. Brad simply described them as "such a happy family."

After that, Brad headed to Chico, CA to see Shawntel, where they met at her—wait for it—family-owned funeral home. It gets better. The two start their conversation by deciding whether Brad will be cremated or not, and if so where he will be placed. Then it moves into the embalming room where Shawntel mimics her procedure on Brad, showing him the steps she takes and all her nifty tools. Brad goes along as well as he can, politely saying that he doesn't handle death well. And when it was time to go meet the family, pressure mounted as Shawntel's father, Rick, explained that it is her duty to take over the business.

Finally, the bachelor landed in Charlotte, NC to visit Emily and meet her five-year-old daughter, Rikki. To say it began awkwardly would be an understatement. Rikki was shy and seemed less-than-interested in mommy's new friend, but luckily Brad brought her a gift. If it wasn't for that butterfly kite, there might've been no dialogue that whole segment. The three of them spent the day in the park and the night at Emily's house playing board games. Brad said he enjoyed the family scene. But after Rikki was tucked in for the night, Brad explained to Emily that he didn't feel comfortable kissing her out of respect for her daughter. Does this annoy Emily? Hell, yes. The two are finally alone, and he's taking the high road. She tries to play it down by saying she respects that he's being sweet, but that doesn't stop her from planting a big one by the door before he leaves. And he seemed to like it.

When it finally came down to the rose ceremony, it was between the two brunettes with the near-identical names: Chantal and Shawntel. As much as we would've loved to see them both walk up thinking their name was called, Brad very precisely enunciated that Chantal would receive the last rose. Apparently dealing with death as a living wasn't for him.

Prepare for some more lovin' next week, South African style!

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