With all the big explosions and macho grumbling out of the way thanks to the previous Thor trailer, Natalie Portman is finally able to get a word in.

Sure we get the requisite amount of ass kicking (Sorry, hospital staff) and pledging to protect the lives of the innocent, but it's refreshing to see Portman and sidekick Darcy (Kat Dennings) try to wrap their heads around this homeless guy who's "pretty cut"...as Darcy says. And naturally, with this being the Norse god's first time on Earth, there's just one hilarious interaction after another with the little things we take for granted every day...

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You know, things like flashlights, coffee mugs, Pop-Tarts and, of course, Facebook. (Hey! We use those things every day!)

But the hammer enthusiast (Chris Hemsworth) takes it all in stride, and once those first rumbling, "Thor smash" antics are out of his system, things calm down and he and Natalie actually start to get close. They share some deep philosophical conversations under the stars where Thor clues her in on where he's from: "Your ancestors called it magic. And you call it science. Well, I come from a place where they're one in the same." So...Australia? 'Cause it sounds like you're from Australia.

Check out the trailer to get more deep thoughts, some good looks at The Destroyer and, best of all, proof that a Taser just might be the most powerful weapon in the universe.

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