The Celebrity Apprentice, Ne Ne Leakes, Star Jones, Chelsea Handler

Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Star Jones and Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes are in a pretty intense battle. Apparently the two clashed recently while filming Celebrity Apprentice. NeNe opened up to talk show host Wendy Williams about it and said, "I wouldn't spit on Star if she was on fire." Whoa, NeNe...whoa. I hope Star knows that regardless of what I have said in the past, if I ran into her I would totally spit on her. Star decided to stay classy for once and not comment on any of NeNe's comments, but she finally broke down and spoke to Life & Style magazine. She said "We all participated in this show for charity and not as a vehicle to promote ourselves and such hatred."

I'm actually on Star's side for once; although, if she was going to open up about it, I don't know why she chose Life & Style magazine, it's a huge ef you to the magazine Star, which was clearly named after her. I realize I've made fun of Star Jones many times and I have no explanation as to why I've chosen her side in this battle, other than the fact that NeNe Leakes sounds like something that happens when I drink too much Belvedere and forget to set my alarm.

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