vanessa hudgens

Hmm, is this Vanessa Hudgens' message to Zac Efron that she's happy being free perhaps?

The actress managed to find time between all her fashion show hopping to hit New York's East Village, where she got stamped with a giant blue bitterfly tattoo on her tiny neck.

East Side Ink confirmed to E! News that the actress was in the Avenue B shop yesterday to get the ink, and that famed tat artist Keith "Bang Bang" McCurdy was the one that did the tattoo, which soon surfaced as twitpic courtesy of one of Vanessa's pals.

The shop is the same one that got slapped with a fine after they let Rihanna tattoo an umbrella and an "R" onto some workers there in 2009. BangBang had tattooed a "Sssh" on the singer's finger and a gun on her ribcage.

As for Hudgens, she's been all over Fashion Week, obviously enjoying herself. When we caught up with her last night and asked her about Zac, she just laughed it off.

Looks like she's having a fun time flying solo.

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