She may be involved in a she-said, she-said feud with Madonna, but that didn't stop Lady Gaga from taking the time to hit New York Fashion Week and talk about her favorite cause.

E! News caught up with the "Born This Way" singer—clad in a "condom-inspired latex pantsuit," natch—to dish about the M.A.C Viva Glam campaign, the controversial egg and her new hit single.

Take it away, Gaga....

About her deal with M.A.C: "They give 100 percent of money raised from this lipstick or the lip gloss—it all goes to M.A.C AIDS fund. Last year we raised $34 million for AIDS and this year I want to raise $50 [million]."

So what exactly is she wearing today? "I'm in a condom-inspired latex pantsuit! I want to spread the awareness...I'm the bringer of the message."

OK, explain that egg? "I wanted to have a rebirth and I think the universe needs to have a rebirth."

And what about her shout-out to Whitney Houston or supposed beef with Madonna? "I don't like to reveal anything about my personal relationships with artists because it is so sacred to me, but I will say that one of the most important things I experienced as a young woman was being empowered by all of these strong women who where running the music industry.

"And I hope that I can live up to that kind of woman. I hope to be remembered as someone who made people feel strong and good about themselves and made them want to make a difference in not just their life but other people's."

You go, girl.

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