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Sara Canning's Aunt Jenna doesn't get The Vampire Diaries spotlight as often as she should, so when the CW pops up with an opportunity to interview Elena and Jeremy's favorite aunt, you gotta know something is up.

But what? According to Sara, "You will probably know that for yourself after tonight's episode. I think it will be pretty apparent about what road she is on." Eek!

Find out what else Sara revealed about Jenna's journey in the upcoming episodes, and it seems like she might finally getting hip to what's really going on Mystic Falls:

How has Aunt Jenna changed this year?
In the first season, we watched her grow into her own and realize that she does know how to make some smart choices, not only with Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) but with her own relationship issues. That's carried over into the second season, where she is on good terms with Elena and Jeremy, and in the second half of the season there is going to be a stronger arc for Jenna. The first part of second season there was a lot going on around her that she was unaware was happening.

What does she do that's drastically different in this second half of the season?
She ends up sort of facing the issue head on, when she really feels it's the right time, and then things kind of unravel from there.

How are things with Jenna and Alaric, and Jenna and the kids?
I think the major thing right now is that Jeremy and Elena have a very different relationship right now with Alaric (Matt Davis) than Jenna does. They have a really nice family dynamic, the four of them, I think Jeremy and Elena really like him and that Jenna is so happy, but it's like a threesome of secrets against her. We've seen Jenna and Alaric in the cozy, romantic phase, but things can only go so far from them not without them being honest with their significant others—and maybe it's time for a little trouble in paradise.

Anything else we should know about tonight's episode in particular?
Well, the dinner party was very fun to shoot. It's always kind of fun to play Jenna when the vampires are present and Alaric and everyone is there for one reason, and Jenna is like, "This is nice, we should hang out and have beers more often." It's fun to play that strictly reality-based character who is just looking at people for what they are and not for ‘What are we planning tonight?' or ‘Who are we out to get?' The vampires and Alaric always fighting some battle, so that was fun about this episode.

Jenna's in trouble, yes? Do you think she's dead meat, or is it something less dire than that? Hit the comments with your guesses!

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