Prince William, Prince Harry

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Bring on the three Bs: Brits, booze and bachelors! It's all you need to have a royal send-off bash for the wedding of the year! 

Now that the parties have both been announced and the big day is just around the corner, it's time for the real fun. And we're not talking about a game of polo.

We're talking late night drunken partying, for which both Prince William and Prince Harry have been known to heavily indulge.

The question is, just how crazy is this bachelor party going to get?

Since best man Harry may be planning brother Wills' last single soirée, we suspect these two famed partiers will make sure there is plenty of fun to go around (remember, William was famous for wearing just a loin-cloth to his African-themed 21st birthday party, much to his family's shock, and he's been pretty tanked at several bashes since then).

How crazy can it get? Pretty damn crazy, if the party is left to Harry.

Which is exactly why Prince William has banned his brother from planning the bachelor bash

Seems Harry's recent antics (he was seen last weekend stumbling out of a burlesque show at 3:30 a.m.) are making Wills question baby bro's send-off planning capabilities. 

Instead, William is said to have insisted upon a more private and mature weekend away. 

But where could this idea have come from?

Certainly not from William himself, since the balding Brit used to school Harry in getting crazy, but, since he's been attempting to do the more concerned big-bro thing.

Also, perhaps the lovely Kate had a few mellow suggestions for her future hubby?

She did, after all, name her sister, Pippa, as maid of honor and official bachelorette planner. And knowing this humble gal, there will hardly be any kind of hard partying before she officially takes her tiara.

So if neither William nor Kate get to let loose before the big day, what will the couple do after the hoopla?

Royal wedding fanatics, pack your bags, because William and Kate will be just across the border—taking a royal tour of Canada!

No time will be wasted before thrusting Kate into her new life, as the trip will take place just weeks after the wedding. 

As for the rest of the details, all of us are still dying over knowing who the mysterious dress designer is. 

Give us a hint Kate! Or you might see some Americans royally ticked off. 

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