The Oprah Winfrey Show

George Burns/Harpo Productions

Back in the '90s when Dr. Phil was just another large bald guy who looked like Hank Kingsley and Dr. Oz was still asking men to turn their heads and cough, bestselling author Iyanla Vanzant was dazzling Oprah Winfrey and her audiences with her wisdom on relationships and spirituality. 

Then, it all fell apart. Rumors of a falling-out between Op and Iy were rampant. And yet, the truth was never revealed.

Finally—just before the show goes off the air forever and it's simply too late!—the godmother of experts returns to 'fess up and beseech the queen for understanding.

But can Oprah muster up what it takes?

Oh, God. Oprah gets it! What a beautiful, beautiful moment. Such raw emotion, such passionate, honest communication, such...wait. Hang on.

Sorry, for a second there we started to think this whole thing actually mattered.

Phew. Anyway, bet those earrings could land a damn fine trout.

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