Did Gorgeous Inception Star Tom Hardy and His Fiancée Break Up?

Rumors abound about Brit stud Tom Hardy being back on the market

By Ted Casablanca Feb 17, 2011 6:17 PMTags
Tom HardyGareth J Davies/Getty Images

As we've said many times before here at the A.T., there's nothing sexier than a dude who's unafraid to show how very open he may be to the same sex. It only makes him hotter for everybody, right?

Well, that's not exactly our point today with Inception hunk Tom Hardy, who, according to Metro, has broken up with his fiancée, Charlotte Riley, and who recently missed the prestigious BAFTAs because he was so busy trying to woo her back.

Not true, says a source very close to Hardy. Hmmm.

So why, then, was the Brit actor missing from Britain's biggest acting event of the year—where he even won an award?

We're told it was because Tom, who's busying himself for the upcoming Dark Knight Rises, wanted to spend time with his family before that huge-ass commitment.

OK. We get it. Fams are the best, and they really mean a lot to us. But don't our families want what's best for us in return? If Hardy—who's star is rising quickly on the global stage—is expecting to get kudos from such heavyweight colleagues as Colin Firth at the BAFTAs, why in the world wouldn't they want him there?

I would certainly want my beloved to be there for all the fanfare, if I were in Charlotte's, or some relative's, shoes. Plus, think of the great frock I'd get to splurge on for being his date!

That is, unless...something else is up.

Time will tell! Good luck with whatever, you handsome MIA!