Two and a Half Men Crew Livid Over Charlie Sheen

Sarcasm and white-hot anger hit Two and a Half Men workers

By Ted Casablanca Feb 17, 2011 2:10 PMTags
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"Oh, Charlie Sheen, poor thing, he's a mess."

—Source on the set of Two and a Half Men, when we asked what the crew thought about executive producer Chuck Lorre's remarks saying he'll be "really pissed" if Sheen outlives him

Workers on the CBS show are rightfully furious about being on hiatus yet again, and even though Sheen's attempted to help with some of their missed pay, believe us when we say they're so over Charlie's seemingly never-ending antics. And there's just not a whole lot more to say on the matter.

Well, other than...

Trust us, when this largely blue-collar work force (we're not exactly talkin' suits and big-paycheck execs here, folks) exchanges the "we're mad as hell" complaints for the more flippant, ironic quips, that truly means these guys have had it. And they have.

Particularly, since the number of promised episode keep dwindling, from the original order of 24 down to a likely 20 if Sheen makes it back to work by the new targeted return date of Feb. 28. But Sheen, like some kind of myopic child who thinks his tantrums have nothing to do with mom's migraines, claims this isn't his doing at all.

We asked Sheen's rep if the deeply troubled star has any plans to additionally help the crew, which now has further financial losses to look forward to, thanks to the slashed work schedule. It seemed like a fair question.

Only radio silence back.

Even though Charlie's so busy dishing out advice to others.