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Lisa Edelstein's appearance in a "right to choose" political spot has made a splash, but the fearless actor stands by her convictions, saying, "I've always been an activist. I try to do stuff for AIDS awareness, women's issues. I work with Save the Children...I really try to stay involved and take the opportunities that have been given and apply them towards things that I believe in." So how did she get involved in this particular cause? Here's what the star told us about the key role her dogs played in getting her the gig working for, plus, what House's leading lady is ready to share about upcoming episodes of Fox's hit medical drama:

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Edelstein told us how the ad came together, saying, "I actually met the MoveOn folk during the Obama campaign, and they're really fantastic people. They happened to be in L.A. doing some work, staying a few blocks from where I live, so I was taking them to the park with my dogs. [Laughs.] I was on a dog walk when all of this came up. Laura Dawn quickly had to come up with a concept for how they were going to respond, and I was immediately cast as I was standing next to her, and I was very happy to participate because it's an issue that is really important to me. The concept was all hers, the only thing I participated in was getting my hair and makeup artists and picking what to wear. [Laughs.] Other than that I showed up and did what I was told."

Now, about Lisa Edelstein's other TV work of the moment, her gig on House. What's to come for her and her crazy boyfriend House (Hugh Laurie)?

Overall, says Edelstein, "House and Cuddy are deeply entrenched in their relationship at the moment and really trying their hardest to make it work." But will they succeed? "You know, who knows?," answers Edelstein. "Every relationship has its challenges. But at least they are both showing up with enthusiasm." Good work, guys!

Now what about the rumored musical episode of House? "There is an episode that has music in it, yes," confirms Edelstein. "It's not an entirely musical episode. I will be singing in said episode." But Edelstein says that we'll have to "wait and find out" if we want to know exactly what she's singing. We asked if her song might be a duet with someone, and she told us, "Perhaps!" in a tone that means, to our optimistic ears at least, that a duet is a definite possibility.

When you do hear Lisa E. sing, be sure to mentally thank her for facing her fears to do this for you. She says of her onscreen voicework, "It's terrifying. Absolutely terrifying but really fun. I really had a great time, yeah. What choice do I have? They write it, I do it. And it was easier than going and stripping."

Lisa also teased that the highly anticipated episode 15 is going to be worth the wait. We asked if it's one that Huddy fans should pay attention to in particular she said, "Yes. It's an awesome episode. I've seen a rough cut of it, which I rarely get to do, and I think it's really exciting." 

Edelstein is also working on producing a movie from a book she bought the rights to as well as trying to get out of Dodge for some mental and physical refreshment whenever possible. She says, "Love to go overseas, love it. It's hard to go overseas from Los Angeles. There's not a lot that's particularly close, it's a little bit easier from New York. Because I don't really consider Hawaii overseas, even though it is over a sea. It's still America when you get there. It's very very beautiful but it's not really going exotic. Last year I had a relationship with somebody, a boyfriend in London, that was really interesting, trying to get back and forth from London. But I had a boyfriend in Italy, I had a boyfriend in Finland before that [laughs.] it's very challenging. As of this fall, I'm keeping it local." Lucky for all the local boys!

Do you like how things are going for Lisa Cuddy on House this year? Are you looking forward to the musical episode? Hit the comments!

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