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Billy Ray Cyrus made headlines this week when he told GQ that Hannah Montana destroyed his family.

Actually, he blamed the show and basically Disney for a lot more than that. He claims they used him to be a scapegoat for daughter Miley Cyrus' bad decisions (hence why he didn't club with his daughter on her 18th birthday) and also went so far as to say he's "scared" for Miley.

Uh, are we the only ones thinking this situation is eerily remindful of another family?

The name Michael Lohan comes to mind.

Billy Ray clearly didn't mind starring on the show with Miley, and while he denies making any money off of her success, we're a little skeptical.

He lived the good life long enough, why all the pissed-off comments now?

Apparently Miley and Billy Ray haven't exactly been on great terms since her salvia incident (and his tweet about it all), so we don't exactly think him running his mouth about his concerns for his daughter will help matters.

At least the fact that he did it so publicly won't.

Here's hoping—for Miley's sake—that papa Cyrus starts apologizing, like, yesterday. The comments may be true, sure, but the way he went about it is totally tacky.

If Billy Ray starts calling the paparazzi and staging photo shoots à la Michael and bashing Trish, then we'll really know we have a Lohan déjà vu situation.

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