Are Kim Kardashian & Paris Hilton BFFs Again?

Are the former friends still feuding, or not?

By Ken Baker, Ted Casablanca Feb 15, 2011 10:16 PMTags
Paris Hilton, Kim KardashianMarion Curtis/Startraks

After Kim Kardashian told Harpers Bazaar last week she never runs into former bestie Paris Hilton, both reality stars were at Interscope's very intimate Grammy afterparty.

The feuding starlets have been openly catty to one another, so what went down during their recent awkward run-in?

No hair was pulled, but it wasn't exactly a kiss-and-make up session, either.

From a source at the bash:

"Paris went up to Kim and asked to talk. Kim said, 'Hey what's up?' and then Paris apologized. Kim was sweet and said, thanks, but that's it."

We're told Kim heard Paris out, but it looked like K.K "just wanted her to get out of there," explains the partygoer. "Their interaction lasted about 30 seconds."

"There was no reunion at all," adds a source very close to Kardashian. "And there never was a feud, Kim was like, 'Who cares about her?'"

Meow, loves it!

So, clearly there is still some tension there. Can't say we would quickly get over having our ass described as "cottage cheese inside a big trash bag".

However, Team Hilton says Pare just wanted to "take the high road" and be the first one to apologize.

"Paris just wants to move on so she was fine being the first one to try and make peace."

Is P getting wiser with age, perhaps? Ms Hilton turns 30 Thursday, after all.

As we implied earlier, don't count on this type of detente to become a Hilton habit. We're also assured by both sides Paris and Kim certainly are not on the fast track to being BFFs again anytime soon.

Paris Hilton's rep tells E!, "No statement, but, yes it's true," regarding their reunion (or what have you). And Kim's rep has no comment.