Camille Grammer Talks Life After Divorce: "It's a New Journey!"

Spurned Real Housewife gets back on track with a guest appearance on the CBS sitcom $#*! My Dad Says

By Jennifer Arrow Feb 15, 2011 8:49 PMTags
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Camille Grammer is back on track!

Yes, the Real Housewife of Beverly Hills had her divorce from Kelsey Grammer finalized last Thursday, but this Thursday she'll be guest-starring on the hit CBS sitcom $#*! My Dad Says as, well, a recently divorced reality star named Camille who's going house-hunting with help from two characters on the show.

We just chatted with the reality babe, and here's what she revealed to us exclusively about how she's coping after the end of her 14-year marriage, when Kelsey is getting married again and if she'll be back on Real Housewives after the tumultous first season

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What's in store for you in this new part of your life?
Everything! It's a new journey. My divorce is finalized…I'm working on my children. I'm really focusing on the kids and what's next in my life, simplifying my life and making sure my kids are happy. They're my No. 1 priority at this point.

How are you planning for the future?
I'm still working through that. It's quite a process…[I'm talking to] friends, business associates, absolutely.

Your character on $#*! My Dad Says is divorced, even though in real life your divorce was not final when you shot this episode. Did you push to speed up the divorce so your character's background would match your background?
The divorce wasn't finalized [when we shot this]. It's irrelevant. Absolutely irrelevant. Kelsey was pushing obviously because he wants to get married, and he's getting married, um…soon. In the next couple of weeks.

Do you plan to move to a new house at any point, like your character "Camille" on $#*! My Dad Says?
At some point I probably will move. It's just me and my kids, I don't need this much property. It would be nice to downsize, you know, simplify my life a bit. Move on, start something fresh, something new for myself, you know?

Would you stay in Los Angeles?
I want to stay in L.A. I've been here for 14 years. I love it here, I have friends here, and my children have grown up here. They're so young, but my daughter has established her friends, and she's very happy in the school she's in, and I don't want to uproot her life. No.

Can you tell us which Housewives are off the show next season?
I don't know who is leaving or staying at this point. They keep that separate from us.

How did you feel about the RHOBH experience overall?
Obviously I've stated in the press that I was unhappy how it turned out, but I think towards the end…I was happy with the reunion shows. Absolutely. [On a reality show] you get to step back and see yourself in a light that you would never expect. You're just like, "Wow. How'd that come off?" But when…it was so funny, because when we did our eight-hour reunion show, we, all the girls, sat there and said, "Wow, this was cathartic." [Laughs.] Wow, whew, that was a lot of work.

Was this appearance part of a larger plan to get into scripted television?
I don't think there's any grand plan—this just came up. I studied acting years ago; it was kind of a dream I had years ago, but I gave that up when I got married and had children. I'm not pursuing this. I definitely have to go back and take some acting classes if I was! But I have to say, my experience was very enjoyable and of course it would be something I would love to do. It's so much fun to work with such talented people and be involved in the creative process.

If she wants to continue this acting career:
I don't know if it's an acting career. [Laughs.] [I have] opportunities, yes…I'm very humble. I don't come across that way on show, but I'm down-to-earth. I think of myself as pretty chill and down-to-earth.

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Camille Grammer's guest appearance as "Camille" on the season finale of $#*! My Dad Says airs this Thursday at 8:30 p.m. Will you watch? Which Housewives do you most want to see back on Beverly Hills next year?

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