Sharon Osbourne, Megan Hauserman

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UPDATE: The lawsuit was formally dismissed in May 2011.

Let this be a lesson to the wannabes of the world: do not challenge Sharon Osbourne. You will not win.

Or, on the very off chance that you do, you won't be able to tell anyone about it! Whatever the case this time, a settlement has been reached between the rock matriarch and the Rock of Love Charm School contestant who butted heads during a reunion show two years ago. In addition to a slew of headlines, the incident resulted in pulled hair, hurt feelings and dueling lawsuits.

The case was originally set to go to trial this month, but what do you know? It's been resolved. So...who got what?

No one knows. And thanks to the ironclad confidentiality agreement, it's likely going to stay that way.

Here's what we do know: Osbourne's attorney Howard L. Weitzman told the Los Angeles Superior Court today that she and former reality contestant Megan Hauserman had put the past behind them.

But let's take one more trip down memory lane, shall we? Just for old times' sake?

Back in 2008, The Talk host honed her ringleader chops while hosting Rock of Love Charm School. While taping the reunion episode of the VH1 series, Hauserman made the ill-advised remark that Sharon only became famous for managing her "brain-dead rock star" hubby, Ozzy.

Well, you don't have to have the IQ of a reality star to know that was not the smartest move.

Shortly after the incident, Hauserman sued Sharon for battery, negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress, alleging that in addition to the hair-pulling, Osbourne went into full flip-out mode on set and also scratched her face. It was the citing of these two alleged injuries that Megan said would prevent her "from attending to any occupation in the future."

Translation: she was looking to rake in some serious damages.

For her part, Osbourne naturally defended herself by countersuing the young charge, saying that Megan only started the fight in order to reap the ensuing publicity. In the end, despite an LAPD investigation, no charges were ever filed against the lovable matriarch.

Whatever the outcome, we can only be glad that the incident is behind everyone. And hope that the irony inherent in the fact that this happened on a show whose title contains the words Charm School wasn't lost on anyone.

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