Breaking Dawn

Summit Entertainment

If Singles Awareness Day has you down, Twi-hards, don't feel blue just yet!

This new still from Breaking Dawn was just released today...look familiar?

It's from the Isle of Esme...aka where Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart get it on, as Edward and Bella, of course.

So far we must say, we are totally impressed with the teaser shots that have slowly been released.

First, we got a shot of Kristen's hand grabbing some feathers, and for those of you who haven't read Breaking Dawn, feathers = sex.

Then we got a pic of Rob and Kristen in bed together, also on honeymoon we assume, and it was totally hot!

There may not be a lot to gossip about from the Breaking Dawn set since it's going rather smoothly (damn!), but the pics that Bill Condon and Summit are choosing to release certainly are keeping us semi-satisfied.

Don't you agree?

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