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The couple of Grammy night might have been Gwyneth Paltrow (who killed it Sunday) and Beyoncé. But inside the show, all eyes were on the Glee cast seated right behind them, per usual.

Dianna Agron and Lea Michele were quick to hug and chat up Gwynie and B. near the end of the show, and we must say those four were maybe the hottest gals of the night.

But did Lea really get the cold shoulder from the rest of her cast inside the show?

Let's just classify it as a case of misunderstanding—maybe.

Hardly anyone in the cast clapped for Lea as she went up to the podium last night to introduce Lady Antebellum.

From Matthew Morrison to Amber Riley, everyone seated in their section totally didn't pay attention to their hot costar on stage behind them.

There were a few eye rolls from cast members, who shall remain nameless, but Grammy goers around them all took notice of the icy Lea reception.

So unlike when Matthew went on stage later in the evening he got huge applause from his cast. Just saying.

Speaking of Glee, Chord Overstreet and Mark Salling were cruising around together the entire evening and seemed to be buddy-buddy per usual.

We're assuming, then, there are no hard feelings about the maybe-maybe not shenanigans going on between Chord and Mark's ex Naya Rivera.

Remember, we heard they hooked up in Vegas a few weeks ago although reps denied they were dating. However, last night Naya and Chord hit the Grammy afterparty circuit together.

Now, one couple inside the show who were too cute for words were Russell Brand and Katy Perry.

During Katy's performance, she showed footage from her wedding that brought tears to a lot of jaded eyes in the house. Russell looked on adoringly with Perry's grandma and we must say, the whole scene even warmed our bitchy hearts.

Lea eagerly was singing along to the "Teenage Dream" portion of Katy's performance while her BF Theo Stockman lovingly had his hand on her leg watching her in awe. Totally cute!


Lady Gaga was across the aisle from Katy and Rusell and could not stop fidgeting during the entire show. Literally, the "Born This Way" babe could not stop adjusting her hat! She even had to crank her neck to the side to briefly see and chat with Beyoncé, who came up to say hello before she left.

Just saying, the whole Gaga incubator thing was entertaining, sure, but we think the most shocking thing the gal could have done was throw on a Calvin Klein dress, wear normal hair, normal makeup, and walk the carpet like she owned the place.

That should happen sooner rather than later!

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