Katy Perry Makes Up for Stupid Angel Wings With Cute Grandma

While we may not have enjoyed the "Teenage Dream" singer's red carpet couture, we did enjoy her date!

By Jennifer Cady, Ella Stewart Feb 14, 2011 4:45 AMTags
Katy Perry, Ann HudsonROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

So, Katy Perry decided to wear angel wings with her Armani Privé gown to the Grammys. You know, like a wannabe Victoria's Secret Angel? 

Normally we'd be more up in arms about this but then she had to go and redeem herself by bringing along her adorable 90-year-old grandma. And everyone knows adorable grandmas make everything okay!

Not only did Grandma get to tag along, but she also got to wear matching Armani Privé and Katy got her a bedazzled cane. How can that not melt the coldest of hearts?

But don't worry, cute grandma heart melting only lasts a couple minutes then we're right back to being hard-edged Fashion Police ready to take on red carpet flops and successes in our Fashion Police: 2011 Grammys gallery!