Justin Bieber, Johnny Depp

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images, Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Scruffy and sexy actor Johnny Depp joined costars Isla Fisher, Abigail Breslin and director Gore Vebinski at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills this afternoon for a press junket for their new, totally fab, animated flick Rango.

An interesting non-movie related topic that came up quite a few times during the junket? Justin Bieber. Duh, not surprising at all since the uber cool and down-to-earth A-lister took his kids to a Bieber concert in Miami the other week. So, everyone's dying to know Depp's crucial take on this up-and-comer?

But, you'll never beliebe who showed up just before Depp bounced.


A purple-hoodie-wearing J-Beebs is who!

Just moments before the Never Say Never star showed up, a reporter in the back of the room screamed, "Are you a belieber, Johnny?"

Laughing like a crazy, Depp said, "never heard that one, but that is my favorite." Don't you just love how nonchalant and unfazed he is about any and all media crazes? 

Well, turns out his one exception is Bieber fever, because after Johnny got the scoop on what a belieber was he moved close into the microphone and confirmed, "I'm a belieber."

So, did he really find out he was once Biebs himself popped into the press room, whipping his fierce bob haircut back? The pop star walked in, leaned against the wall waiting to catch Johnny's attention, and pouted those pretty lips of his.

When Depp noticed Justin in the corner of the room, even the recent Golden Globe nominee freaked out a bit.

"Man I heard you were in the building," Biebs said as his swagged his way to the press podium to give Depp a hug and a handshake.

Seconds later the tween pop star dashed out, entourage and mama Pattie Mallette trailing behind with cameras.

"Who's not a belieber after that," asked Depp, actually blushing, after his unbelievable surprise.

So Justin's even got Captain Jack red in the face with the fever. We die for these two, especially together!

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