Michael Vick

AP PHotoSteve Helber, Pool

The City of Dallas is clearly running crack-cocaine through their water system, as they recently decided to honor dog-abuser Michael Vick with a key to the city.

And people wonder why I constantly make fun of my hometown?

Far more important, though, is that Texas reporter Richard Hunter, who actually adopted one of Vick's tortured dog's, was in the audience when Vick received the key from Dallas' pathetically gushing mayor.

Here's what happened:

As you can see for yourself, Hunter bravely confronts Vick, but to little avail.

Hunter valiantly tries, repeatedly, to get past Vick's bodyguards (who spew profanities at Hunter) to ask him how he feels about dogs these days, and to tell him he's adopted Mel, one of the poor pups abused via Vick's evil dog-fighting empire.

I wonder if Hunter was planning on mentioning that Mel  still cowers in a corner with his cuddle toy, and is paralyzed in fear whenever a man enters the room.

It's obvious Vick couldn't care less, as long as his changing image is being peddled and honored—such bull.

Are people idiots, don't they see this whole Vick-reform thing is a total scam? Look at the video people. As we've been telling you, Vick does not care. It's on tape!

This man should be locked back up for what he did (and continues to lie through his ugly teeth about), not given a key to a friggin' city.

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