David Arquette

Tiffany Rose/WireImage.com

David Arquette just finished rehab two weeks ago, but he's already back on the Hollywood party scene.

Last night, the Scream 4 star hit the Peapod Foundation charity concert, where the Black Eyed Peas, Ciara and Bobby Brown performed.

But not only was David looking way better than we've seen in ages, he was also on his best behavior...

The former party animal had a fairly mellow night at the Music Box.

"He didn't want to do the red carpet," an eyewitness tells me. "He was hanging in VIP. He looked good and was pretty calm and quiet."

David was also overheard telling fellow guests that he was wearing a jacket from his own clothing line.

This is a far cry from the guy we saw tearing up Tinseltown before, when he grinded on random girls, partied with little people, was last to leave parties and just generally being a hot mess.

So maybe you can still go clubbing even after you complete rehab? Take note, Lindsay Lohan. It's possible to party while staying drama-free...so far.

Keep up the good work, David!

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