Keri Hilson

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Britney, Quentin and Glee, oh my!

Those were the hot topics during our exclusive chat with sexy singer-songwriter Keri Hilson. We sat down with the 28-year-old R&B star when she stopped by E! to shoot a guest spot on Fashion Police (airing tonight at 10:30 p.m.).

So will we be seeing her Gleek out on the hit Fox show? And why is she talking about kicking ass in a Taratino film?

Read on to find out...

Let's start with the most important question of all: do you want to be on Glee?
I would absolutely love to do Glee or for them to, like you know, do something on me, do one of my covers. "Pretty Girl Rock" maybe. I think it'd be really awesome. They're very talented kids.

You wrote a couple songs for Britney Spears' Blackout. Did you work with her on her upcoming album?
No, I was busy, but I would've loved to! I got the call to write for her again. Yeah, I'm sad... I want to see if we can top "Gimme More."

And you recently sang for Quentin Tarantino at the Critics' Choice Awards. Are you a big fan of his?
I am! I mean, who isn't? Think of like Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill...his work is just incredible. He's like, he's a legend already.

What's your favorite film of his?
Kill Bill definitely... I like seeing women portrayed in like a very strong light. I love seeing that. So like Uma Thurman and everybody else were incredible.

Maybe you can do some ass kicking yourself in one of his films...
I would! I'm pretty athletic. I'm very athletic actually, so I would love to play like a femme fatale.

That's the title of Britney's new album, Femme Fatale!
Is it? I didn't know that! [Laughs] Hilarious. Maybe I should write for it. That's a good sign.

Valentine's Day is coming up, do you have any special plans?
I'm working. I'm doing Jimmy Kimmel, right? Isn't that the day of Jimmy Kimmel? And Rap-Up magazine's cover... So I'm busy Valentine's Day.

So are you dating anyone?
Not at the moment... [I'm] single, but not ready to mingle [Laughs].

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