Rihanna, Chris Brown Reunion Could Be Close

Singer allows the order keeping her ex boyfriend away from her modified to allow him to attend the same award shows as her

By Claudia Rosenbaum, Marianne Garvey Feb 10, 2011 8:00 PMTags

Rihanna apparently has a lot of forgiveness in her heart.

Almost exactly two years after the horrific Grammy night assault on her by Chris Brown, the singer has agreed to allow the restraining order keeping him away from her to be softened, her lawyer, Donald Etra, tells E! News.

So does this mean the two will have contact soon?

Quite likely, but it probably won't be a Grammy night reunion.

While Rihanna has requested that the order be dropped to a level one—meaning that they can have contact as long as Brown doesn't annoy, molest or harass her—and Brown attorney Mark Geragos has been informed of her approval, Geragos still needs to go to court to have the order officially modified by a judge.

But Team Brown doesn't appear to be in a rush. Even though he is nominated for three Grammys this Sunday, he won't be attending the festivities due to a previous commitment.

Rihanna, however, is among the confirmed perfomers at the awards show.

Brown will be in Los Angeles on the 18th, where he will participate in the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game alongside the likes of Justin Bieber, Magic Johnson, Zach Levi, Common and E!'s own Rob Kardashian.

Brown appeared in a L.A. court back on Jan. 28 for a progress report in his assault case for the Rihanna incident. The judge announced that Brown completed his yearlong domestic violence class "in fine fashion."

At that time, Geragos asked that the restraining order be dropped because it could be a "problem with award shows."

But while Rihanna might forgive, we doubt she'll ever forget.