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Dear Ted: 
I read an article that said Lea Michele and Chord Overstreet were getting a little too close for her boyfriend's comfort at the Super Bowl. Is there any reason to believe that there may be a new couple on the Glee set?

Dear False Gleek Pairing:
Actually, Lea was drooling all over her boyfriend, Theo Stockman! He was with her during the Super Bowl. Lea may have tried to hookup with a few of her Glee costars back in the day, but she's so beyond them now, trust.

Dear Ted:
I just found out that Theo Stockman is dating Lea Michele, and as a Broadway buff I have to ask, why? Theo's smart, talented, funny and hot. He doesn't seem like the type that would go for a bimbette like Lea. What gives?

Dear Old News:
We may occasionally dish some dirt on Lea, but she is anything but a bimbette, get real! Divaness aside, this gal has ambition like no other, and it's no surprise she wants to stay in the Broadway circle of dating. She's also funny and incredibly talented, along with being a little darling bitchette, and guys love that combo. Besides, Theo and Lea have been dating for months! Next question, please.

Dear Ted:
What is up with Jerry Rock-Butt?! Do share: Do you think the She-Devil still has at least one of her claws in the guy? Give us an update, pretty please!

Dear Boresville:
Jerry's totally not devoted to any woman right now—only to his career. Bleh! The good news is She-Devil still doesn't stand a chance.

Dear Ted:
I think most of us were totally blindsided by Pete Wentz and Ashlee separating! Has Mr. Wentz ever been the subject of one of your B.V.s?

Dear Di-vicey Divorce:
Oh, we are way ahead of you. Of course, Simps has a vice! And the divorce left us anything but surprised. Let's just say the Simpson-Wentz babe and the Longoria-Parker honey share a lot in common.

Dear Ted:
How sad that an independent, strong and fun-loving woman like Cameron Diaz is falling for an absolute douche. I had always admired her I-don't-owe-anyone attitude and living her life freely. Now I think she is losing face. Remember how she gave Justin Timberlake s--t for his a-holish attitude after they broke up? How come Alex Rodriguez is not getting it? Is he so amazing in bed? Has he ever starred in a B.V.?

Dear Blaming the Boys:
We also love Cam's independent ‘tude, but not sure we can agree with you on the Timberlake drama. While she did tell Justin off, we seem to remember that it was Cam acting a bit crazy. As for A-Rod? Cam seems all about the hunky (baseball) player at the moment, so something about the guy must be keeping her interested. And no, A-Rod's douchedom, as you say, is out there for everybody to see. No need to veil it with a Vice.

Dear Ted:
It is funny to read your "sort of" replies to Kristen Stewart's alleged costar hookup questions. You actually never reply; we still don't know who, when and how. And you know why? Because it never happened. You created this and don't know how to get rid of questions you can't answer.

Dear Mum's the Word:

You Twi-hards sure know how to get your fangs in a bunch when Robsten are in hiding! They aren't "sort of" answers; it's a straightforward response since Robsten are an item. No point in stirring up drama where it isn't necessary. 

Dear Ted:
Could Jared Leto be King Schlong? I just can think of the popular lady on his arm. He is rumored to be well equipped, a bit of a douche and would easily bed Hollywood party chicks.

Dear King Wrong:
Sorry, nice try, though! (And certainly physically, that's for sure.)

Dear Ted:
Is King Schlong Robert Pattinson? Yes-or-no answer please.

Dear You Got It:

Dear Ted:
Does Dick Wadd have any redeeming qualities? Or is he just another oozing sore on the skin of humanity, courtesy of the Industry? And when I say "redeeming qualities," I don't mean "makes entertaining movies."

Dear Wadd's Up?
In a word? Zero. He is a horrible person; why people still like watching him in movies is beyond me. It would be like going to see O.J. Simpson in a film and trying to divorce who he is from what he's playing. Yes, Dick's that much of a scummy liar, and even though he may not have actually killed anybody, he's certainly killed lots of folks' souls. Awful, awful man.

Dear Ted:
Miley Cyrus
was at Justin Bieber's premiere. How good of friends are these kids? Any dish you can give about B.V.s they might have? Love reading the Vices!
Polar Bear in Texas

Dear Cold in Texas:
You're actually quite warm, po-bear! In order you asked: Very. No, but their trailers would like to say a few words here. Thank you!

Dear Ted:
What has happened to Kate Bosworth?! She used to be so pretty and fresh and act in top movies. Now her lips are grossly pumped up, she wears tacky clothes and the same smelly brown boots everywhere. And her career? What career? And what's with that cheap, Jewelmint jewelry line of hers. It must really kick her butt how happy the lovely Orlando Bloom and his beautiful little family are.

Dear Buzzing About Bosworth:
Kate is adorable, but let's be real, she is most famous for Blue Crush, not exactly what we would call a top movie. True, the jewelry line is doing nothing for her comeback, and the poor gal seemed to be all over the headlines when she dropped a bunch of weight after Crush. That said, she's still a sweet gal, just with the totally wrong guy.

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