Charlie Sheen Offers to Pay Men Crew During Hiatus

Looks like the frustrations from the Two and a Half Men workers might have been heard

By Ted Casablanca Feb 10, 2011 12:39 PMTags
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For once, Charlie Sheen is attempting to do the right thing.

Apparently, the star who is currently in rehab (we think) has offered to pay one-third of the Two and a Half Men crew's salaries if CBS and Warner Bros. pony up the rest.

As we were the first to tell you, Men workers were furious at the hiatus caused by Charlie's partying, because guess what? They don't get paid while he's off "recovering"!

So what's the latest?

According to EW, no decision has been made...and we think that's bull.

Everyone is hopeful for Charlie to return back to work before the end of the month, and that's apparently why no decision has been made yet. Because if C.S. does come back in the next few weeks, they can probably finish the majority of the episodes they have left to shoot.

But what if Sheen efs up again?

The hit comedy has already been on hiatus before, so, we think this would be a good show of faith for the hard workers who do get their asses to work everyday and don't party all night with porn stars.

Glad to know Charlie doesn't really think that pay for his crew is "moot," after all. True, he could probably pay more money than one-third, but that's still a pretty good chunk of change.

Time to step up, CBS! You people knew who were in business with when you signed this guy. Time to pay for the hard-partying privilege, instead of making the lower-level crewmembers pay.

Come on, they pay for Sheen, the highest-paid actor on TV, so share the wealth in the meantime, while your money maker hopefully gets healthy.