Was Lindsay Lohan's Dress a Fashion Misdemeanor?

Embattled starlet's short and tight white outfit not appropriate for court

By Ella Stewart Feb 09, 2011 11:45 PMTags
Lindsay LohanAP Photo/Jae C. Hong

Grand theft isn't the only crime Lindsay Lohan was accused of committing today.

The embattled starlet should be charged with wearing inappropriate attire to court, too. Really, who shows up in a tight white dress?!

To be fair, LiLo did pick a good color—white signifies purity and innocence, after all—and she rocked sensible pumps, but this body-hugging Kimberly Ovitz dress (a prefall collection piece that retails for $575) just doesn't say "See how seriously I'm taking this by looking so professional and pulled together? I'm not guilty, so please don't send me back to jail."

On second thought, maybe we should cut Linds some slack—at this point she could just be running out of court outfits.

What do you think: Is this dress fine or should she be fined? Weigh in below!

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