Lea Michele, Cosmopolitan Cover


No doubt Lea Michele is lookin' pretty hot on the new cover of Cosmopolitan magazine.

Even so, some conservative moms have lashed out against the Glee starlet and the magazine because they think her body-baring attire is sending the wrong message to her young fans.

But what are they saying about it over at McKinley High?

"I understand both sides," Max Adler, who plays Glee bully Dave Karofsky, told us last night at the opening of Spring Awakening in Hollywood. "I understand what the parents are saying. At the same time, Lea is over 18, over 21, and she looks great. She's a beautiful woman. I think it's up to her, but I could see why parents could get a little upset."

Controversy aside, Adler says he hopes we'll see more of the Gleeks and the football team getting along like they did in the series' special Super Bowl episode.

"We had a blast filming it so I hope it keeps going like that," he said. "But I don't think Karofsky is ready to just be all cheery and happy."

As Glee fans know, one of the biggest surprises of the season was when Karofsky unexpectedly kissed Kurt (Chris Colfer). "He's still going to be pretty guarded, play it safe for awhile," Adler said of his slushy-throwing television alter-ego. "He definitely has some sides that I think are very deep inside of him that he'll let out eventually."

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