Are They or Aren't They? Justin Bieber Dishes on Selena Gomez at Never Say Never Premiere

We put the teen sensation in the hot seat and try to get answers to some of your hottest questions

By Gregory Imler Feb 09, 2011 7:05 PMTags

Justin Bieber is dishing all the hot information his fans want to know.

At last night's huge (and we mean huge!) Hollywood premiere for his 3D flick Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, our own Jason Kennedy put the teen sensation in the hot seat and asked the three burning questions America really wants to know: How tall is he? Can we get the digits? And what's really going on with Selena Gomez?

So what did Justin reveal?

Well, first things first, put away your phone. Justin's wisely keeping that one to himself, unless 555-5555 is actually his number. If so, have to say, genius move.

But the teen phenom kept things mum when it came to his rumored relationship with Gomez. "She's one of my best friends," he coyly replied. Will he ever talk publicly about who he's dating? "Some things you just gotta keep to yourself." That's one way to maintain some semblance of a personal life with Bieber fever swirling around you.

While Selena was at the event, Justin said he was riding solo because he "wanted [tonight] to be about me and my movie." Hmmm, have to say, showing up separately at the same event might just fan the romance rumors even more.

Check out the video to hear what the singer has planned for his big Grammys performance, what he's doing differently with that famous hair of his and just how tall he actually is.

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