Alex Ridriguez, Cameron Diaz, Superbowl Video

Great. Looks like our least fave on/off couple—Green Hornet starlet Cameron Diaz and Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguezcan't keep their buttery paws to themselves. Catch that Super Bowl popcorn exchange where Cam fed A-Rod by hand?

After hearing that Cam's infamously straying bf was once again flying solo with Richie Akiva at Wall nightclub in South Beach, pre-Super Bowl weekend, we were totally buying that the dude was back to his partying, lady-ditching ways.

Spoke way too soon...

Because an über knowledgeable Diaz source tell us that—pre A-rod's boys night out—Cam was in Miami canoodling with the Yankee at Soho Beach House. And get this: He was even checking out some multimillion dollar cribs on Sunset Island.

Our Miami informant also dishes that the actress was spotted grocery shopping at a nearby Whole Foods. So housewife-y of her!

Wish I could drool over this duo's domestic dance, but we just miss when Cam was all outdoorsy with her good-guy stud muffin, Justin Timberlake. Big deal, he's a mama's boy. At least Justin only had two women on his mind when he and Cameron were together (not 200).

Also not going to lie, we've been crossing our fingers that the real reason why Jessica Biel didn't hit up Dallas last weekend with her beau was because they're on the rocks. Does that make us evil?

Plus, doubt J.T. is even semi-feeling Olivia Munn like everyone is still buzzing about. She was way hotter when she didn't know even know she was hot.

And back to the depressing story above, we keep hearing Cam's really into her baseball babe because of his fun and spontaneous ways. Spontaneous. Straying. Same difference, right?

Oh, and she digs that he's got the Latin thing going on, just like she does.

Well, whatever they want to call it, A-Rod and his chick are getting super serious and not hiding it at all. The blonde is falling for Miami all over again, too, even making a MIA pit-stop on her way to LA after doing Green Hornet press in Europe.

Sorry, but, this is very alarming.

—With Additional Reporting by Ivana Dukanovic

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