Justin Bieber Knows He Makes Girls Cry

While promoting his new movie, Never Say Never, the teen sensation talks about the special connection he has with his fans

By Peter Gicas Feb 08, 2011 10:12 PMTags

Bieber Fever. Who doesn't know its power, right?

"I do get it," Justin Bieber tells E! News when asked about the obsession out there to know anything and everything about him. "My fans are really supportive and amazing and I understand where they're coming from."

And from the way the teen sensation describes his upcoming 3-D movie, Never Say Never (out this Friday), it sounds like he'll be offering up plenty of personal stuff to keep his loyal followers happy.

"It's not just a concert film," he says. "We wanted to make it like a story, my journey this far. I really wanted to show that to the audience and have them come out with something."

Including, apparently, a knowledge of his ability to rock Spider-Man bed sheets!