In case you're looking for a new relationship comedy, we recommend Traffic Light, which premieres tonight at 9:30 p.m. on Fox. The basic premise is the familiar story of young friends and lovers trying to make it in the big city, but this version of that old story is made watchable by relatable stories and appealing performances from recognizable faces like David Denman (he was romantic villain Roy on The Office, but here he's just a big teddy bear) and Liza Lapira (Dexter, Dollhouse). We talked to the cast about the first season, and they just confirmed how damned likable and smart they really are.

Take a look above to see what Denman and LaPira had to say about the show, and then jump inside for more from Aya Cash and Nelson Franklin:

FYI, the name of the show is supposed to evoke the three stages of relationships (green means single and footloose, yellow is shacked up, red is married with children), but in the end, it ends up being almost entirely unevocative of anything at all. What do you think of the title fiasco: Deal-breaker or minor deal point? 

Will you give Traffic Light a chance tonight after Glee and Raising Hope, or are you busy watching something else at that hour? Hit the comments!

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