First Les Grossman, now this.

Tom Cruise further attempts to show he just wants to be funny these days, joining Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol costar Simon Pegg in "encouraging" their director, Brad Bird, to accept the Winsor McCay Award for lifetime achievement at the 38th Annual Annie Awards by thumbing his nose at the process and saying how he always, "truth be told," wanted to do live-action.

"I've moved on to bigger and, let's face it, better things," a rather listless Bird says, a minute before the camera pans out to Pegg and Cruise holding him at gunpoint (5:50 in the video).

Unfortunately for "award-winning international superstar" Cruise, "British comedy genius" Pegg steals the scene with his bug-eyed determination, despite Cruise's best efforts.

"Push in on cartoon boy, you do what he says, motherf--ker!" Cruise, now more of a box-office question mark than a sure thing, menacingly taunts the cameraperson.

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